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Want to save time and money? We research home loan programs, loan options, and shop for the best mortgage rates across multiple lenders for you with speed and accuracy.

Home Refinance

Getting a home loan should be a smooth experience… Not feel like you are a lead characters in suspense film waiting for the next surprise to jump out around the corner!

Smart Financial Moves

Our easy and clear process, expertise, and guidance is designed to inform and empower you with knowledge and numbers you can trust to execute on your home loan.

Save more Time and Money on a Home Purchase or Refinance with the Best Mortgage Rates.

What are your goals?

Mortgage Advice and Strategies committed to helping you unlock homeownership.

Strategies to win as a First-Time Home Buyer

Buying your first investment property and beyond

Optimizing your home equity to build real wealth

Where Do you Want Start your Search to Buy a House?

Mortgage Calculator

Our Easy to Use Loan Calculators help you Estimate Monthly Mortgage Payments for Home Purchase, Home Refinance, Calculate Home Affordability, Debt-To-Income Ratios, Debt Consolidation, and help determine How Much Do I Qualify For. Complete with Mortgage Calculators for Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, VA Loans, and more.

3 Pillars to Real Estate Smart Financial Moves

Empowering You to Make Homeownership Possible

Housing Affordability

Maximize Purchasing Power and Minimize Cost

Affordability is much more than just finding a competitive low rate. We’ll help every step of the way from: Start – Doing research – Pre-approval – Securing the right mortgage solution – Closing on- time – Moving in. All designed to make your dream home today an affordable reality. Plus, we’ll help you reduce housing costs with refinancing in the future too.

Financial Wellness

Accomplish Your Financial Goals and Objectives

It’s more than simply owning a home. It’s know how to care for and best use financial strategies and options that serve you throughout all your life stages and milestones as a homeowner or investor. We’ll build out a clear flight plan for each journey you take; providing financial advice that will help you accomplish your objectives and give you peace of mind.

Real Estate Wealth

Leverage Your Real Estate Asset to Create Wealth

According to the Federal Reserve, real estate is the largest and most valuable asset most people have in America. Real Estate Home Equity — not 401k, not savings, not investment accounts — accounts for for 83% of retirement wealth in the United States. We’ll show you how to leverage your real estate assets and home appreciation, trusted advisor.

6 Ways We Help You Unlock Happy Homeownership,
Lower Your Costs, and Maximize Your Buying Power.

Let our expert advice guide and empower you through the home buying or refinance process smoothly.

Secure Your Home Loan

The market is competitive — We’ll help you apply for, get pre-approved, shop and compare rates, and choose a home loan that makes your dream home today an affordable reality. We’ll help you reduce housing costs in the future too.

Compare Competitive Rates

You wouldn’t accept the first offer at the car lot would you? Use our free facts loan analysis to compare loans and  see our mortgage broker vs retail lender or bank difference. Use our rate quote comparison service to get the best rate and terms.

Close on Your Home Faster

Are other lenders giving you the runaround, missing closing deadlines, or ghosting you? Our fast funding options mean you wont miss out on the house you want. We can help you compete even with cash buyers & close in 14 days or less.

Refinance to a Better Rate

Take advantage of today’s flexible terms to lower your monthly payment, lower your rate and interest you pay, shorten your loan term, or all of the above. How will you use the money savings we put back in your pocket?

Evaluate Your Property

Know where your real estate position. With an up-to-date real estate property evaluation in hand, and our complimentary Real Estate Wealth Report, you’ll be better equipped to make the most informed financial decisions to meet your goals.

Get a Cash Out Refinance

Put your home to work for you — Access the appreciation in your home value with a home equity loan or cash out refinance. Use the cash for debt consolidation, lowering your blended interest rate costs, make home improvements, and more.

Know Your Options & Get Pre-Approved with Our Quick & Easy Tools:

Happy Homeowner Testimonials

Reviews from Clients who Made Smart Financial Moves with Us

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We are Rated in the Top 5% of Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Lenders in Denver Metro Area, and Colorado, and United States. Source: Experience.com

Unlock Your Winning Home Strategy

Educate. Empower. Execute.

Unlocking Happy Homeownership is what we do. Every move is with your best interests and goals in focus. It’s the only way to do good business. We are committed to delivering a simplified yet exceptional home buying and refinance experience that will have you smiling ear to ear, knowing you made the right decision.

Cederholm Mortgage Advisors is a mortgage broker located in the Denver Metro Area with lending services via our Client Care Team that reaches throughout the nation to meet your home financing needs. We have established relationships with over 150 of the nations most competitive mortgage lenders, giving you access to the best financing available.

We Save You More Money — We’ve removed the middle overlays and inflated costs. Mortgage interest, mortgage rates, mortgage payment, and lower overall closing costs. All without sacrificing quality or concierge-level service.

We Save You More Time — Shopping mortgage interest rates, accurately comparing mortgage lenders, loan programs, and loan options is time consuming and is overwhelming for most consumers. We make it easy and provide you with the best options for you and your situation by: Shopping interest rates, making mortgage lenders compete for your business, matching you with the best lending solutions and options for your specific home purchase or refinance situation. No time consuming effort required on your part. Lastly, we review with you the options and information, provide guidance, and financial advice to execute a smooth, on-time experience.

We want you to feel confident you can rely on us, every time you need financial real estate advice or services, for accurate, consistent, and dependable results. We want you to feel certainty when referring us to people in your social and business circles that they will be taken great care of.


We Connect you with a Quality Realtor to determine your criteria, find the right houses for sale, negotiate your offer, and win!


Our Real Estate financial expertise, guidance, and custom tailored services find you the best mortgage programs and options!

Buy or Refinance a Home with Confidence:

Our Smooth and Easy Process

Will Make You A Happy Homeowner,

and leave you feeling you made a Smart Financial Move.

10 out of 10 satisfaction, thats our goal!

Whether Your Timeline is 10 Days or 10 Months… We Can Help.

Real Estate Financial Advice that Unlocks Happy Homeownership

Everyone is Unique, Every Situation is Different.

Get Your Personalize Plan & Mortgage Rates Today to be Prepared to Buy a Home or Refinance.

Today’s Mortgage Rates:

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